Where the Heck Have You Been? - The Q218 Edition

2018 has been a quieter year on the concert front, mainly due to every other front (family, work) taking up more time these days. While I sometimes miss the glory days of heading out 2-3x week to a show and showing up for work meeting the next morning with a faint venue stamp on my hand, that era probably won’t be something coming back anytime soon. Life is just different now and while that means less shows, looking back, I’m still fortunate enough to occasionally duck out and shoot a show.

So here’s a quick recap of what I was fortunate enough to catch back in Q2 2018.

3/23/18: Dracla @ Vintage Vinyl

Ok, so technically this was back in Q1, but how can you not want to highlight a stoner rock band featuring a curmudgeonly vampire frontman? One part interpersonal band conflict comedy and one part melt your face rock. Was looking forward to catching again them at LouFest, but oh well…

4/8/18: Tristen @ Vintage Vinyl

This was my 3rd time catching the Nashville songstress and I’ve always found her songs sneakily catchy. It was a great afternoon Sunday set for the Delmar crowd and I’ll always keep rooting for her to keep moving on to bigger tours and things.

4/10/18 - Hillsong Worship @ Grace Church

The Australian mega-collective (along with Pastor Brian Houston) stopped in St. Louis during their There is More tour through the US to highlight the worship team’s new album and Pastor Houston’s book fo the same name. Heavy saturated lights dominated the first three songs, so don’t worry, that challenge for photographers isn’t just limited to tiny venues. Sarcasm aside, it was neat to realize I got to shoot some new Grammy winners (Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding who won back in January for "What A Beautiful Name").

6/8/18: Derek Minor listening party @ Boost 101.9

Local station Boost 101.9 FM invited a small group of fans out to the office to join the hip-hop artist for a private listening party in advance of the release of The Trap. I haven’t shot too many release parties, so it was interesting to hear him elaborate on the backstories of different tracks and take Q&A from the crowd between songs. Minor also joined a group of contest winners for laser tag down the street later that evening, so a good night for Boost fans all around.

6/10/18: First Aid Kit @ The Pageant

Somehow it was nearly a half-year before returning to shoot a show at the Pageant and nearly two months since the last concert. As well, I somehow didn’t even make it to the venue in time for the opener (Jade Bird). Oh well, at least I got 3 songs front and center for the dreamy pop of FAK.

6/30/18: Johnnyswim, Drew Holcomb, Penny & Sparrow @ The Pageant

I always come away more impressed by Drew Holcomb every show I see of his and with tons of folks around me raving about Johnnyswim, their combo Goodbye Rood Tour made for a must-request to shoot. Seeing the LA duo in action, I can see how they would attract the cult following (which has also grown in venue size with each tour they subsequently come through on). Big fan of the “supergroup” songs highlighted during the evening with all 3 groups singing on stage and trading members.

Interestingly, Holcomb’s Moon River Festival happened the same weekend that LouFest was supposed to have (and featured some of the same bands), so in retrospect it would have probably been better to try and shoot that one.