Warped Tour 2017

Jokingly, the return of the Warped Tour is my annual reminder of my own mortality. But in recent years it's been less about the physical toll it takes on my body between the heat and walking (which it still does) and more about the legacy/anniversary celebrations of bands on the tour. 

A good chunk of the "older" headliners (the Ataris, Save Ferris, CKY, Bowling for Soup) gained notoriety after my high school years, so their reemergence on this year's tour didn't necessarily hit the nostalgia buttons, but it was neat to finally see them after so many years.

The abundance of stages makes it fun to just wander around and catch bands you might not have planned to shoot and some of my favorite shots came from randomly coming across the Barb Wire Dolls and War on Women. The pre-show browsing of bands also introduced me to Tillie and Creeper, both of which ended up good acts to catch if you're still looking for slots to fill in your Warped itinerary.

See you next year, Warped Tour!